Edgar Garzón Corner

77th Street and 37th Avenue

Edgar Garzon (1966 – 2001)

Andrés Duque describes his friend Eddie as “electric, driven, beautiful.” A talented dancer and stage designer, Garzon was walking home from a local gay bar in Queens when he was attacked. His death was overshadowed by the events of 9/11—then five years later, his attacker was found, arrested and charged as he stepped off a plane from London.

Andrés recalls the story of how Eddie designed the winning float of the 1997 Gay Pride parade in Queens for the Colombian Gay and Lesbian Organization COLEGA. The theme: “100% Colombian Coffee, 100% Gay Colombian”.


Audio story and text by Mariado Martinez

Neighborhood photographs by Brianna Poulos and Sarah Luft

Images and photographs provided by Andrés Duque


Audio Queens Pride Parade by Lagarchivist, YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSWBiK8VjIg

Cumbia Colombiana by JuliusH from Pixaba

Parrot / Positive Latino Background Music / Latin Trap Beat by SoulProdMusic from Pixabay