Lorena Borjas Way

 Baxter Avenue and 83rd Street

 Lorena Borjas was a transgender Mexican-American activist who helped to protect transgender victims of human trafficking, slavery and violence. She was known by many as the mother of the transgender community in Queens, New York.

Liaam Winslet, a close friend and colleague, talks about how Lorena loved going to clubs, no matter the hour, to meet the girls and cement lasting friendships.

This interview is in Spanish.

Interview with Liaam Winslet, colleague and friend of Lorena Borjas.
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Audio story and text by Divya Murthy and Maria Dolores Martinez Perez

Portrait of Lorena Borjas, by Liaam Winslet

Street sign and neighborhood photographs by Joe Caffrey

Music by: Landra’s Dream by Audionautix

Photo of Liaam Winslet