Peter Magnani Way

81st St. (Peter Magnani Way) and 34th Ave

Peter Magnani (1938 – 2021)

Peter Magnani was an architect, city planner and deputy Queens borough president from 1986 to 2001. He was raised in Corona and then moved to Jackson Heights with his wife, Dorothy, whom he was married to for 55 years. Together they helped turn their apartment building into a tenant-sponsored cooperative in 1979, which is where his wife and daughter, Kirsten, live to this day.

Peter spearheaded numerous projects that made an indelible impact on Queens residents. In this recording, Dorothy and Kirsten reminisce about their trips to Jones Beach and tender moments during the last year of his life.


Audio story, text, photographs and portraits of Dorothy and Kirsten Magnani by Amanda Kari McHugh

Neighborhood photographs by Brianna Poulos

Portraits of Peter Magnani, images and artwork provided by Kirsten and Dorothy Magnani

Music by Steve Rice Music and Sounds that Move